Carved fruit: spectacular decorations

Carved fruit: spectacular decorations

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There carved fruit it has always fascinated me as it transforms food available in nature into a real work of art. Mastering the art offruit and vegetable carving it requires years of practice and experience combined with an indispensable dose of patience.

In this article I will offer you a series of information on the world of fruit and vegetable decorations thanks to the help of Roberto, one of the best fruit carvers that I am pleased to have as a friend! :-)

Carved fruit decorations: equipment

If you want to approach fruit and vegetable carving, the first tip is to start with the right equipment, otherwise it will be very difficult to achieve good results and you risk losing patience after a few minutes.

There are many sets of tools for decorating fruit on the market and sometimes “there is also a risk of being ripped off”, because the quality of the materials they are made of counts more than the number of tools and the quantity of them.

A good set of tools that can be purchased online is for example that of the Tescoma, characterized by 7 pieces of excellent quality: you can buy it online on Amazon for less than 20 Euros.

Tescoma's fruit carving kit

Fruit decorations: how to get started

The best way to start learning the art of fruit and vegetable carving would be to rely on a good teacher. Searching the net you will find online tutorial on how to carve fruit or group courses but if you want to "get serious" please write to us at [email protected] and I will put you in direct contact with my friend Roberto!

If you want to try to start it yourself, start with very simple creations, and don't think about making a masterpiece on the first try.

You will need a lot of fruit for your tests and, please, try not to throw / waste anything but also use the "scraps" of the carving, perhaps for a nice fruit smoothie.

Before starting, therefore, remember to wash the fruit thoroughly.

Carved fruit: apple

The apple is definitely a fruit suitable to be carved and presented on your tables with a great scenic effect. The apples are consistent and with a good tool you can carve them precisely.

Here are two for example carved apples from Roberto:

Carved fruit: two apples

Carved fruit: melon

Another fruit with which excellent results can be obtained is the melon. The texture of the melon is softer on the inside than that of the apple but you can limit yourself to carving the outer skin, which is more consistent, as done by Roberto to obtain this splendid swan:

carved fruit: melon with swan

Carved fruit: watermelon

In watermelon the carving is well highlighted by the three colors: green, white and red. However, greater mastery of the technique is required. Here is an example of a watermelon carved by Roberto ...

A watermelon carved by Roberto

Carved fruit: pumpkin and pomegranate

Pumpkin is one of the fruits (yes, pumpkin is a fruit and not a vegetable!) Most used for carving, especially on the occasion of the Halloween party.

In the photo below, a composition by Roberto with a pumpkin decorated with the image of a dog and two pomegranates engraved in the most traditional way with eyes and mouth.

Pumpkin requires more effort and skill"- Roberto explains -"because it is extremely hard to engrave“.

Decorated pumpkins and carved pomegranates: very popular for the Halloween party

Carved fruit: animals

Fruit carving is also an effective strategy to make fruit more attractive to children: "eating an animal" of fruit is certainly more fun than eating the fruit in its original form! :-)

The limit is only your imagination! So here are Roberto's other creations: a fish that "emerges" from a watermelon, delicious "caterpillars-cherry tomatoes", a beautiful owl!

Carved watermelon: fish

cherry tomatoes-caterpillars

Owl, Nemo Fish and Minions created with fruit and vegetables

Carved vegetables

Vegetables are also an excellent raw material for carving and can be combined with carved fruit to enrich a composition with new colors and scenic effects.

How about these palm trees created with carrots and zucchini, complete with a menacing crocodile? :-)

carved zucchini and carrots

Carved fruits and vegetables: prices

Roberto's creations can also be purchased with prices starting from a few tens of Euros. Prices are commensurate with the commitment and time required.

At the moment the service is only available for those who live in Milan so that a collection / delivery can be arranged without relying on couriers for sending. If his creations are successful, it is not excluded that an agreement can be made with a shipper capable of guaranteeing adequate packaging, also and above all as regards compliance with the health and hygiene regulations provided for by law.

Roberto is also available to evaluate proposals for introductory or show-cooking evenings which are increasingly appreciated and requested to animate corporate events.

Write to us at [email protected] with your request and we will put you in contact with Roberto with whom you can deepen directly.

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