Petunia, care and advice

Petunia, care and advice

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Petunia, careand advice on cultivation. From sowing to seasonal care. How to get more abundant blooms and the meaning of petunia in the language of flowers.

It is among the plants that tolerate heat and, indeed, love a completely sunny position.

Petunia, plant

Therepetuniait's aherbaceous plantof the Solanaceae family. It is original from South America so much so that in Brazil it grows spontaneously on the edge of the forests.

Petunia flowers

There petuniait is a much loved and appreciated plant for its abundancefloweringwhich is abundant and lasting.

Over time, many hybrid varieties have spread and the most recent are called "Petunias Designer" which have, that is, flowers designed. Among these we point out the Petunia Cappuccino cream, a Petunia with colored flowerscreamand with veins carved on the petals and which create a pattern that almost resembles that of ancient porcelain.

Another popular hybrid is theblack petuniaBlack cat, the flowers are entirely black and have no veins. Another oneblack petuniaand theBlack and Yellow, here the petunia has black flowers flecked with yellow.

In short, the flowers can be of many colors even if the most typical are: white, lilac, pink, purple, blue and red.

THEpetunia flowersthey are funnel-shaped and the sizes can vary. Even the period offloweringcan change according to the variety, usually thepetunias bloomfrom June until the cold weather arrives, with late autumn.

How to grow Petunia, care and advice

The cultivation of thepetuniait is simple because we are talking about a plant that, despite its delicate appearance, is very resistant.

It needs to be placed in full sun. Also ideal for growing indoors, placed on the sunniest windowsill.

Therepetuniait should be irrigated daily in hot periods. Irrigate it with water at room temperature and never cold.

Soil and repotting
Repotting should be done in spring. Light, well-drained, fertile and fresh soil is used.

If it tends to compact, shake up the soil and add more if the plant's collar turns out.

Fertilizer for flowering
To ensure abundant blooms, it is recommended to apply a liquid fertilizer for flowering plants to be administered every 10 days from May until autumn.

Sow the petunia
Many hybrid varieties are sterile, so it is recommended to purchase seeds suitable for planting. On Amazon you can find petunia seeds of any variety, even black petunia, just type "black petunia".

To get an overview of the shape and colors of the flower based on the variety, I invite you to take a look at the page dedicated to petunia seeds on Amazon found at "This address".

Petunia, perennial plant

Although it is often sold asplantannual, thepetunia is a perennial plantand, if well kept during the winter, it will return to blossom by the end of the following spring.

How to care for petunia in winter

It is fairly resistant to low temperatures but needs to be placed in very sunny areas. In winter or late autumn, with the arrival of the first cold weather, remove the withered flowers, check for the presence of rotten or blackish leaves, eliminate them as you will have to cut all the now dried shoots. Carry out a cleaning and take the plant to the shelter in an area not ventilated and not exposed to the cold.

Therepetuniaif not sheltered from an excessively harsh climate (like that of our Northern Italy) it perishes. Bring the plant outside starting in May.

Those who live in southern Italy could leave the petunia in the garden, but only if the pots are deep enough and if you protect it with non-woven fabric.

Petunia, meaning of the language of flowers

In language of flowers, thepetuniasthey are the confession of a love that can no longer be hidden. This meaning is due to the copious and abundant flowering: the flowers all develop together, forcefully, like an explosion of colors that captures the attention of any passer-by. Like petunia blossoms, a love that has been kept hidden for too long can explode in a single moment, leaving everyone speechless.

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