Dog licking its paws: why?

Dog licking its paws: why?

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A dog licking his paws he may have every reason to do so but if he exaggerates, we have every reason to take action to prevent his gesture from damaging him. Licking is a natural and absolutely harmless act, but if it is too frequent, it can cause wounds or irritation, and chain other negative effects on the health of our friend. Better keep the situation monitored. A dog licking his paws it is different from a cat that does it, it is good not to confuse the habits of one and the other.

Why the dog licks its paws

The dog licking paws have a mania? It is a question that can be asked if you notice that this behavior is too frequent and you do not understand the reasons. Moreover, the legs are very delicate and are always or almost always in contact with the ground, so infections or irritations are more likely. Small wounds, chafing or peeling areas are therefore more unwelcome and fearful than ever.

Dog licking its paws: remedies

To find the remedy to the dog licking his paws we need to understand the cause. It is useless to scold him if he may have a problem and with this gesture he tries to solve it by himself. For example, he may have allergic dermatitis which must be treated with antihistamine ointments. Also house dust or pollen can make it itchy that lead the dog to lick, the same goes for certain types of detergents.

If we do not understand the cause and even the vet identifies it, we just have to think that the dog that licks its paws has a tic. Therefore, behavioral therapy is needed that includes rehabilitation of the animal. Often it's in the form of a game, because you don't have to feel guilty!

Dog licking: causes

We have already anticipated some possible causes for a dog licking its paws. It could also be due to dirty fur, a simple and harmless itch or some stone or small object that got stuck between the support pads.

Why the dog licks its genitals

Be it male or female, a dog licks genitals quite often and for similar reasons concerning the presence of abnormal secretions. However, the causes of the secretions are different. If the dog is male, and licks his genitals, he may have suffered trauma or have stones, perhaps suffer from bladder disorders (infections, stones, inflammation or neoplasms), or prostate disorders (prostatitis, neoplasia, hyperplasia, cysts or abscesses).

The little dogs lick their genitals if you have urogenital infections or vaginitis. At the base of the malaise there can also be a clotting disorder, a urinary incontinence problem or a fetal death.

Why the dog licks his nose

Much more "soft" are the causes that they lead the dog that licks itself to lick its nose. This is a calming signal typical of these animals as well as wolves. The message is often linked to a request for food, but most of the time the dog that licks his nose wants to tell us that he is defenseless and that he has no "bad" intentions. This communication also applies between dogs, and not just between dog and man.

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