Garden fences, all solutions

Garden fences, all solutions

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Garden fences: give her fences do-it-yourself easy to build, to the electrified fence. All the solutions for fencing the garden or vegetable garden.

To establish a boundary between the garden and the rest of the property, oneDIY fencemay be the ideal solution. ADIY fencecan be given by:

  • A wooden fence
  • A low or high hedge
  • A concrete wall
  • A brick wall
  • A DIY masonry planter
  • A classic wire mesh
  • An electrified wire mesh

The wire mesh does not have a good aesthetic impact, however it can be embellished with climbing flowering plants. The electrified wire mesh is a somewhat extreme solution that serves to contain a pasture or to prevent the attack of wild animals in the garden. For the construction of ametal fencesimple or electrified, to protect the garden from wild animals, we refer you to our insights:

  • How to make an electrified fence
  • Electric network for animals
  • Garden fence

DIY garden fences

A vegetable garden in sight could be protected by onewooden fenceor a low hedge so as not to shade the crops. Another solution could be given by a dividing wall.

How to build a wall in the garden

Building apartition wallin the garden it is quite demanding because, in most cases, it is necessary to ask for permission to create it.

The dividing wall is a permanent work, if it is low, however, it may not require permits but only a communication of commencement of work. To make sure you are doing things in accordance with the law, it is advisable to inquire at the technical office (one-stop shop for construction) of your municipality of residence.

Building awall in the gardenalways requires foundations and a minimum of excavation for the plant trench.

You can use perforated concrete blocks that let air and light through or stones of the most varied shades. For more information, please refer to the guidehow to build a wall with stones.

How to build a wooden fence

Thewooden fencesthey are the easiest to build with thedo-it-yourself. They are cheaper than a masonry partition and can be installed with free interlocking, with a clamp, with concrete at the foot or with simple gravel.

If sofenceyou meanbuildit is very high and must support other structures placed in a windy area, the concrete foot may be necessary.

Most fences are built with one piece at a time. Of course, there are pre-built wooden barriers that can be purchased in garden centers simply by planting the two supporting poles but in this case the structure is not very solid and resistant.

For instructions on how to build a DIY fence, please refer to the page:how to build a fence.

How to grow a dividing hedge

The last solution to create agarden fencegood-looking, consists in the cultivation of a hedge.

In southern Italy it is necessary to use dividing hedges made with plants resistant to the sun: strawberry tree, laurel, oleander but also pomegranates and prickly pears. Prickly pears can become thorny barriers and have the advantage of keeping animals away from your garden.

A valid alternative to the classic hedge is a "living wall"Of bamboo. There are countless bamboo species that can create green walls, windbreaks or perfect dividing barriers. Also in this case we refer you to an in-depth guide article that will explain, step by step, how to do thisDIY bamboo fence: how to build a bamboo wall.

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