How to grow hydrangeas

How to grow hydrangeas

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How to grow hydrangeas: from flowering to cures in summer and winter. All information for onecultivation of hydrangeas in potsor in the open ground.

Hydrangeas should be placed in the shade or in partial shade

The sun is the primary source for those who dedicate themselves to cultivation, and it is no coincidence that exposing your garden in full light is always recommended. What if our garden is not facing south? Well, the solution is to choose plants to grow in the shade or in partial shade. Hydrangeas are counted among the sciaphilous plants, that is, those plants that do not like direct exposure to the sun and that are able to thrive better in the shade.

L'hydrangeait is a plant that gives beautiful flowers with delicate or brighter shades as is the case with red hydrangea. In this guide we will seehow to grow hydrangeas to transform your shady corner into a flower garden, by following some useful guidelines.

How to grow hydrangeas

The hydrangeas they do not need care details therefore lend themselves easily to cultivation(even in pots) they can also withstand the cold. For thecultivation of hydrangeasfollow these first basic rules. Later we will focus specifically onreproduction by cuttingsand on thepruning.

The right soil

To plant one hydrangea in pot choose an acidophilic soil.

In case of planting in the garden, measuring the pH of the soil is not difficult. In the articlehow to lower the pH of the soilwe explain how to make a soil more acidic and how it can be measured with litmus papers for a few euros.

When to plant hydrangeas

The best time for planting in pots or in the garden falls in autumn and spring. Generally the plants are planted between October and November or March and April


The soil must always be kept moist. Hydrangea requires a lot of water, especially during the flowering period, avoiding water stagnation that can lead to the death of the plant.

Fertilizer for hydrangeas

L'hydrangea it feeds on potassium to grow healthy, and almost immediately consumes what is naturally present in the soil, therefore fertilize the soil with a fertilizer rich in potassium and fertilizer for acidophilic plants.

When to fertilize hydrangeas? In early spring (between March and April) and in summer (between June and July), to support flowering.

On Amazon, a 2.5 kg package of this granular natural fertilizer can be bought for 13.08 euros with free shipping. For all the info: Neudroff granular fertilizer.

Among the variousfertilizers for hydrangeason the market, I pointed out the Neudroff granular organic fertilizer certainly not for the brand, but for its composition. Its formula sees a well balanced mixture of organic fertilizers:

NP (+ K) 7-3 (+6), Organic Nitrogen (N) 7.0%, Total Phosphoric Anhydride (P2O5) 3.0%, Potassium Oxide (K2O)

Perfect formula for acidophilic plants such ashydrangea, camellia, rhododendrons, azaleas, heather, bougainvillea ... Its solubility in water (6%) makes it perfect for prolonged action over time so as to limitfertilizationstwice a year.

I reported this product both for the formula and because it is a natural fertilizer. It should also be used at the time of planting of hydrangea.

I advise you to add it to the new planting holehydrangeas(100 grams) or give it to yourscultivation of hydrangeasalready started (25 to 75 g per plant, depending on the condition of the soil).

Hydrangea, pruning

To ensure lush flowering is essential prune the hydrangea Once a year.

The periodright for thehydrangea pruningit is the one that precedes spring, preferably at the end of February.

How to prune hydrangea? Removing the weakest branches to thin out the plant and cutting the flower stems of the previous year in half of their length, without touching the buds of the year (the younger ones) that have yet to bloom.

Flowering and colors

The flowers ofhydrangea “They change color” passing from a blue shade to a lilac or vice versa, this depends partly on the species but partly also on the elements that make up the soil: if acidic, the color changes to blue, if alkaline, to pink. The hydrangeas with white flowers, they are absolutely refractory to the composition of the soil and never turn blue. Very popular are the new hybrids:hydrangeaswith blooms of two colors, red hydrangeas, fuchsia or red and white hydrangea.

Hydrangea, reproduction by cuttings. Period and how to do it

If you are wonderingwhen to multiply hydrangea by cutting, know that the best time is in autumn. For all instructions onhow to make the hydrangea cuttingI refer you to the page:hydrangea cutting.

Hydrangea in pot, watering

Who wantsgrowing hydrangeas in potswill have to pay more attention to irrigation. Thehydrangeasthey need a lot of water. Water during the evening or early morning hours. The ideal would be to be able to divide the irrigation into two shifts so as to administer a greater volume of water that is better exploited by the plant.

Do not use hard water, so if hard water flows from your tap, it is better to let it rest for 24 hours with the addition of half a cup of vinegar. Throw away the water deposit at the bottom of the watering can or use it to irrigate non-acidophilic plants.

Hydrangea in winter, cares

Those who live in the center or in the South of Italy have nothing to fear while those who have one cultivation of hydrangeas in the north it will have to organize itself to protect these plants from the cold.

The soil can be covered with a layer of mulch as wellto protectthe roots from the cold. For those who live in the far north, where winter frosts are the order of the day with temperatures below zero, the care to be dedicated tohydrangeagrow: get organized to repair the entire plant fromcoldwith a sheet of non-woven fabric or even with transparent plastic sheets to be used as a greenhouse.

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