How to protect dogs and cats from mosquitoes

How to protect dogs and cats from mosquitoes

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How to protect dogs and cats from mosquitoes: from natural remedies to the most effective products, symptoms of mosquito bites on dogs and cats and which prophylaxis to adopt.

Protect cats and dogs give her mosquito bites it is our duty. There are, in fact, not a few damages mosquitoes they can bring to our puppy friend. Proper prevention can avert the danger of illnesses even serious. On this page we will provide you with all the information you need to adopt effective strategies.

The different types of mosquitoes in our country have now become four. If the common mosquito (Culex pipiens)can only pose a big annoyance todogs and cats, the most recent mosquitoes are a real danger.

The latest arrivals, the Korean mosquito (Aedes koreicus) and the tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) are vectors of diseases that are dangerous for dogs and cats, which can give rise to important symptoms.

In particular, pets (dogs and cats) can become hosts of pathogens transmitted by the mosquito bite korean and tiger mosquito. These two species of mosquitoes can transmit the filariasis. Depending on the parasite carried, filariasis will be cardiopulmonary (from Dirofilaria immitis) or cutaneous (from Dirofilaria repens). The symptoms of filariasis can also appear months after the time of infection; for this reason, it is important to periodically perform a control test at your trusted veterinarian.

Mosquito bite on dog or cat, symptoms

THEsymptomsof amosquito bitethey may be completely irrelevant or more important. Thestingsmore annoying are those of the tiger mosquito which can give rise to skin reactions, burning and / or itching. All mosquito bites could trigger, in particular cases, allergic reactions.

How to protect dogs and cats from mosquitoes

It is always necessaryprotect cats and dogsgive hermosquitoesusing specific and validated products and above all, we must remember to renew them when their effect approaches the end.

Those looking for natural remedies can rely on mosquito prophylaxis as explained in the article: How to protect yourself from mosquitoes. All theremediesvisas, if applied to the balcony, the house or the domestic garden, can significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes estick up forso our puppy friends.

To defend dogs from mosquitoes, it is important to eliminate mosquitoes from the garden. The dog, unlike the cat, loves to spend more time outdoors and the garden could be his permanent home. The problem is that mosquitoes love to hide among spontaneous grasses or in the grass of the lawn, rich in humidity. Under these circumstances, the dog is very exposed to mosquito bites.

In the guide articlehow to protect yourself from mosquitoeswe recommended the use of pyrethrum, a natural insecticide which, applied to the lawn and in strategic places in the garden, will help us to eradicate adult larvae and mosquitoes.

Mosquito repellent for dogs and cats

Most pesticides used to control fleas and ticks also exert an anti-mosquito action. In fact, they are broad-spectrum pesticides.

To make sure of the anti-mosquito action, consult the product leaflet where the specificity should be indicated: against which parasites is the applied product effective ?! To find out, read the user manual of the product purchased.

There is no specific pesticide on the market for mosquitoes, but there are products capable of combining the anti-mosquito action with the anti-parasite action. Which?

The most popular is arguably Bayer's Advantix. Reading the instructions, it turns out that advantix is ​​able to eliminate ticks, fleas and lice from dogs. The same product has a repellent action, they tend away mosquitoes, sand flies and the horse fly of the dog.

Remember to choose the right concentration for the size of your dog, the price of the product varies according to the size of the dog.

A pack of 4 pipettes for medium-sized dogs (10 to 25 kg) can be bought on Amazon at a price of 27 euros with free shipping. For all information on the product, please visit the page: Advantix Bayer dog.

This product cannot be used forprotect cats from mosquitoes. In this case, the anti-mosquito product recommended is the Advantage Spot.

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