Phrases about nature

Phrases about nature

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The phrases about nature, to learn to respect it or to remember to do it, not only out of a sense of duty but because we are aware of the great importance it has not only for scientific but also "poetic" reasons. Just think of Lao Tzu's phrase. "Nature is in no hurry, yet everything is done". Let's hear others equally wise.

Famous phrases about nature

Albert Einstein could only be among the cited, and he says "Everything you can imagine, nature has already created".
From the film "Into the wild" a more poetic phrase comes to us, "There is a joy in the unexplored woods, There is an ecstasy on the lonely beach, There is life where no one comes close to the deep sea, and there is it is music in its roar. I don't love man less, but Nature more ". Two other well-known names help us with theirs phrases about nature.

"You can't admire nature by proxy," he says Winston Churchill, and "If you wish to know the divine, feel the wind on your face and the warm sun on your hand," he says Buddha.

Phrases about nature in English

In English, but translated, two wonderful phrases about nature. One of William Shakespeare and one by Jack Kerouac. We guess who said what.

"And this life of ours, away from the crowd, finds tongues in the trees, books in the streams, sermons in the stones, and everywhere good".
"Think what a great planetary revolution there would be if millions of kids from all parts of the world with their backpacks on their backs began to go around nature".

Phrases about human nature

The wise Gibran gives us a beautiful phrase that speaks of us, but not only. "Do not forget that the earth delights in feeling your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair". Less full of love, more cynical, the phrases of Vincent van Gogh, "And then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that's not enough, what more can I want?", And William Blake, “When men and mountains meet, great things happen”.

Phrases about nature for children

For kids, the comic hero line that made generations and generations laugh: Wolf Alberto. “Plants aren't stupid. Have you ever seen an ivy cling to a cactus? "

Phrases about the nature of Osho

Very deep and difficult to memorize, here are three sentences about the nature he left us Osho.
"Look at the trees, look at the birds, look at the clouds, the stars ... and if you have eyes you can see that the whole existence is filled with joy. Everything is pure happiness. Trees are happy for no reason; they won't become prime ministers or presidents and they won't get rich - they don't even have a bank account! Look at the flowers. It's amazing how happy flowers are - and for no reason. "

"It is time for you to stop looking outside yourself, everything that you think could make you happy. Look inside yourself, go home ”.

"The free man is like a white cloud. A white cloud is a mystery; it lets itself be carried by the wind, it does not resist, it does not struggle, and it hovers above everything. All dimensions and all directions belong to it. White clouds do not have a precise origin and do not have a goal; their simple being in this moment is perfection ”.

Phrases of St. Francis on nature

Among the many who have talked about nature, he is not one of the many but one of the most important: San Francesco. Which tells us “A ray of sunshine is enough to sweep away many shadows. And all the creatures that are under the sky, each according to its nature serve, know and obey their creator better than you, O man ”.

Phrases about nature: books

The nature of things, by Tito Lucrezio Caro, it is certainly the inevitable book if you want to read sentences about human nature and not.

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