Fly repellent, the most effective remedies

Fly repellent, the most effective remedies

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Fly repellent, from DIY to the most effective remedies to keep flies away from home or garden. Traps and natural insecticides.

The way of saying "you are annoying as a fly " has legitimate roots! The use of afly repellentit is inevitable to live peacefully, especially for those who want to enjoy the summer garden! The certainties of life are very few, but the need for one fly repellent is one of those.

There isn't much we can do to keep flies away from the house, of course, we can use a mosquito net but we don't know how,fliesthey always find a way to enter! Plus, what about thefliesthat ruin our stay in the garden? Fortunately, afly repellent it can be a useful weapon at home as well as in the garden.

Natural fly repellent

Cloves are an excellent ally in the guerrilla warfare against flies. Flies hate its smell, so much so that by placing a bowl of cloves near doors and windows, the flies will not come close. As an alternative to cloves it is possible to use chamomile even if this is much less effective.

Please note
Cloves represent the classic grandmother's remedy but today's flies seem to have gotten used to everything. There are those who say that a room diffuser with a few drops of clove essential oil can still be effective, however, those who want to switch to the hard way can use natural insecticides for flies and DIY traps.

Who does not want to limit themselves todrive away fliesfrom home or from garden, but wants to eliminate them without the use of insecticides, can use "traps". In this case it is possible to buy ready-to-use traps or build them with DIY.

Trap for flies for the garden, for the vegetable garden or for the home

A trap for flies consists of a container filled with a liquid solution given by water and a bait.

The bait is a substance capable of "attracting" the Moscow into the container and literally drop it in trap. As stated, there are ready-to-use solutions on the market that are certainly more aesthetically compatible with the home environment. To build a trap do it yourselffor the home, you can use a more suitable container than the bag shown in the photo above.

A modified bottle could be a good compromise or, to avoid the sight of drowned bodies, you can use a bottle of an exhausted detergent. As bait you can use a potato cut into slices, anchovies, sugary substances… you have a wide choice.

Who has a large garden and wants to protect the fruit from flies (the worms contained in fruit are often diptera larvae hatched from eggs deposited by the fly or other winged insects), can plant as many baits as there are fruit trees in the garden.

Our photo above shows a garden trap consisting of an envelope, perforated cap and bait.

Warning: bait bags should not be confused with another natural remedy described on the web. Many bloggers have talked about afly repellentconsisting of a simple transparent bag filled with water. In this case the transparent envelope would act asfly repellentthanks to the reflective properties of water. In this case, flies and mosquitoes, reflecting in the bags full of water, fear they will meet a larger predator so they run away. We do not know how effective this "remedy" can be, so we recommend the use of bait and / or repellents ... even grandma's remedies based on cloves may be more effective.

Natural insecticide for flies

A natural pyrethrum-based insecticide can be used to keep garden flies away. Pyrethrum is, in effect, a plant-based insecticide and is effective against flies, midges and mosquitoes. It is also used to remove green bugs and earwigs.

The pyrethrum should be used in the evening time slots, when temperatures are lower and there is no sun. Pyrethrum, in fact, being a natural extract tends to deactivate itself with the sun because its active ingredient is photosensitive.

Please Note. Pyrethrum, before being an insecticide, is a plant, therefore it naturally degrades within a couple of days and in the meantime, exerts its effectiveness against flies, midges and mosquitoes.

How to use? You can buy the ready-to-use spray or concentrated spray form (cheaper). Generally, you need to dilute 14-25 ml of product in 10 liters of water in order to have a greater yield and more convenience in large-scale treatments.

The price is € 17.81 with shipping costs included and, for all information, I refer you to the product sheet: Bayer Pyrethrum actigreen (Bio).

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