Above ground pool maintenance

Above ground pool maintenance

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Above ground pool maintenance: tips for the perfect maintenance of the above ground pool. From water treatment to ordinary and late winter cleaning.

There pool cleaning after winter, to inaugurate the warm season, it varies according to the pool lining in question. In general, the initial treatment, before continuing to fill the "tub ", is carried out mechanically with the removal of any dust or debris. It is assumed that, during the winter, any chlorine dispensers and pumps have been disassembled and stored away. To preserve an excellent state, even the same above ground pool it should be covered and repaired during the period of non-use (autumn and winter).

Above ground pool maintenance

Thanks toabove ground pools, the swimming pool in the garden is no longer a luxury for the few. Inground or above ground swimming pool, the maintenance remains roughly the same, at least as far as the cleaning the bottom of the pool and the products to use for the water treatment.

An inground pool requires the use of fixed filters, for the above ground pool practical dispensers / dispensers are used for water treatment. As stated, the cleaning of the bottom that can be done with practical robot vacuum cleaners does not change. We continue step by step.

Water treatment of the above ground pool

For the safety of bathers, the water of the pool it must always be perfectly clean. The water treatment must ensure disinfection and the removal of any microbial load, which is why the most popular treatments are those based on chlorine. It is then necessary to keep the pH of the water under control. For this reason there are special products and kits on the market.

Just go to Amazon and type "swimming pool chlorine dispenser "to get a dense overview of prices and models. The dispensers for chlorine act as dispensers: they release small amounts of chlorine constantly so as to keep the water always clean.

Among the various dosers for chlorine, I would like to point out a model that carries an integrated thermometer. It is a floating universal dispenser that you will have to load with slow-release chlorine tablets.

The product in question can be bought with € 14.50 and free shipping costs, according to the reviews of users who have already had the opportunity to test it in their above ground pool, it is a great product! For all information, I refer you to the official product page: Floating dispenser with thermometer.

Slow-release chlorine tablets are inserted inside the dispenser. It is then possible to choose trivalent products that perform a triple disinfectant and cleaning action so as to avoid the use of other products. Among the various slow-release tablets, I would like to point out the Clorlent "trichloro": a 5 kg pack (with 250 g tablets) can be bought at a price of 36.90 euros with free shipping, for all product information I refer you to the page "Slow chlorine tablets". Also in this case, before purchasing, make your evaluations ... the products available are truly numerous! :)

Cleaning the bottom of the above ground pool

There are many kits for cleaning the bottom of the above ground pool. To get an idea just visit the page: "Pool cleaning kit ". You will notice a number of manual or automatic tools to clean the bottom of the pool.

Those who are lazy can point to comfortable solutions such as robots. Among the best models currently available on the market we point out the Zodiac robot model Tornax 21. It is a bottom cleaner for inground or above ground pools. This product is valid only if the bottom of the pool to be cleaned has an area of ​​less than 32 square meters. It cleans only on a rigid surface of any covering, even if placed on a slope. Cleans swimming pool bottoms in:

  • Liner,
  • Polyester structure,
  • Armored PVC,
  • Painted concrete,
  • Floor tiles

For other more delicate coatings, a separate brush can be purchased. Also in this case, for all the information we refer to the official product page: Robot Zodiac Tornax.

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