Butterflies, where to find them

Butterflies, where to find them

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Butterflies, where to find them: all the curiosities about the world of butterflies. Where they live, where they sleep and how to observe their metamorphosis.

Before you understandwhere to find butterfliesto observe, I will tell you when to move. Yeah, the butterflies they live in their "most beautiful form" only for a limited period of time, in other periods they are found as pupae or caterpillars. Butterflies, with their beautiful colorful wings, can be seen from spring to late summer.

Butterflies, where to find them

If you are wondering where butterflies live, know that from April to September, you canto findin the countryside, in the woods, in the parts and in the gardens.

Start from this premise, thebutterfliesthey feed onsweet nectar. These splendid creatures, to suck the nectar, have a specially modified mouthparts, called "spiritromba". The spiritromba rolls up when thebutterflyit is in flight or at rest, and unrolls when necessary, when the butterfly is exploring the flowers of the meadows one by one.

Some species of butterflies, such asvanesse, they feed on sugary substances that they can suck from rotting fruits. Other species, on the other hand, feed on decaying plant matter, as is the case withApatura iris.

Why am I telling you these things? Because if you know what thebutterflies, you also know where to find them! Even theItalian butterfliesthey have similar tastes, certainly not a Mediterranean diet

Butterflies, where they live

In Italy there are 289 species ofbutterflies. We are the country of Europe with the greatest biodiversity and for this we hold a record! In Italy both pollinating butterflies and silk butterflies (silkworm) live and each habitat has its ownacquaintances.

Vanesseisapaturethey live in the woods but can also be found in large gardens in urban areas such as the house near home.

Butterfliescolias and pieridi, like the popular oneAnteos menippe,they live mainly in the vast plains and hills. You don't know the butterflyAnteos menippe?If you've gotten to spend time in a country house, you've surely come across this yellow winged butterfly!

In the uncultivated fields, especially if rich in thistles, you will find larger butterflies such as the swallowtail or the podalirio.

Smaller butterflies such as lycenidae, you can see them in mountain areas, live at ground level and have small but very lively wings, of an electric blue.

Because you don't have to touch the butterfly wings

If you look closely at thewings of a butterfly, you will notice that they are covered with some sort ofsurface powder. Don't fly with your imagination: this is no magic powder! They are scales leaning against each other, which, on the whole, give this very peculiar aspect.

Surely they have already told you that you shouldn'ttouch the wings of a butterflybut they haven't told you why.

Those scales are very delicate. With minimal contact, the scales break and thebutterflyit will no longer be able to fly. The scales do have a structural value but we can appreciate them for the scenic effect they give to the surface of the wings.

Based on the inclination of the scales with respect to the sun's rays, they are beautifully created on the wingsiridescencewith a wide range of different combinations.

Butterflies, where to observe them

In Monopoli, in the province of Bari (Puglia), you can find the fruit of the non-profit project Farfalia. Inside the Lama degli Ulivi Botanical Garden there is theHouse of Butterflies. Personally, I visited the Butterfly house bringing my granddaughters, a unique opportunity to photograph these beautiful moths.

The butterflies are raised in a large greenhouse (starting from the eggs) and when the chrysalis has produced a mature butterfly ready to take flight, the operators release it in the wild, ready to face another life cycle. If you are interested in rare butterflies, you can find them HERE

Endangered butterflies

In Italy there are severalbutterfliesin danger. The Ministry of the Environment, in collaboration with Federparchi, has drawn up a list ofbutterflies in danger of extinction. Therered listhas 18 names, and among these the most beautiful multicolored butterflies such as theZerynthia cassandraand Melanargia arge. Among the butterflies at risk of extinction I also point out the Mediterranean Charaxes jasius, the mimetic butterfly Hipparchia sbordonii, the small Coenonympha oedippus and the Maculinea alcon.

If you want help butterflies and protect them from extinction, you can adopt one of the plants that attract butterflies and feed them with their nectar. For all information, I refer you to the article how to attract butterflies.

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