Scent of flowers: phrases and books

Scent of flowers: phrases and books

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Scent of flowers, it fascinates, conquers, puts you in a good mood and is sometimes so strong that it can even annoy. There are indeed some types of flowers that they have a smell so strong and sweet that it "gets drunk" who sniffs them closely and continuously.

The perfume is also evocative, often. This happens with lily of the valley, linden, calicanthus, privet, very fragrant they are also orniello, osmanthus and verbena, without forgetting the classic rose. The scent of flowers it is not proportional to the size of the corolla or of the pistils, there are therefore minute but very powerful flowers.

Scent of flowers: how to preserve it

It is not so trivial to keep the scent of flowers that we hear perhaps in a meadow. It often happens that as soon as we get home with freshly picked flowers, it already fades. Such a pity. Without deluding ourselves that we can keep it for who knows how many days, but we can enjoy it for the following ones, 2 or 3, with some little tricks.

First we choose the flowers with the strongest scent, often they are those with soft colors and rather small: white, green, light yellow. A bunch of these, put in water and not too hot, never in the sun or even near a heat source, it can release the scent of flowers for at least 24 hours.

Scent of flowers: phrases

Two sentences that explicitly speak of the scent of flowers in a poetic way even if in part dramatic or sad.
"The flower hides in the grass, but the wind spreads its perfume" Tagore
"The flowers on the enemy's grave always have a heady scent" Stanislaw J. Lec

Scent of flowers: book

Inspired by the scent of flowers, in particular that of lemon blossoms, there is also a book. Is titled "The scent of lemon leaves”, Wrote Clara Sánchez and it deserves to be read. Maybe lying on a flowery meadow.

Scent of acacia flowers

The smell of acacia flowers it is very strong and not only. What can also annoy, in the long run, about this type of inflorescence, is the fact that the perfume is also tremendously sweet, sometimes nauseating. This characteristic is also found in the acacia honey that it is actually very sweet and aromatic. What is certain is that those who pass near a flowering acacia cannot fail to notice it.

Bouquet of cherry blossoms

The perfume of cherry blossoms is magical but less of their image which has always been connected to Japan, even if this plant shows off its wonders elsewhere too. The smell that emanates in spring, as soon as its flowers bloom, is as delicate as the petals and colors that distinguish this fruit tree.

Perfume of linden flowers

Linden flowers are among the best known for the smell they emanate and make the plant recognizable even to those who know little or nothing about botany. Linden trees are among the plants with the most potent flowers, even considering that they have small dimensions, the scent they give off can invade the entire street in which they are found. A similar effect is also felt with wild peonies, with the Daphne mezereum and with the small osmanthus flowers, really fragrant.

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